A while ago I was looking for a gift for a special friend of mine. I searched all over the internet for something nice. It was frustrating as all I could see was crap. I eventually found something after deciding from a few good products I found.

I didn't want others to go through the same frustration as I did so I decided to dig deep in the internet finding good products and negotiated with the vendors for me to sell their products.

In January 2018 I launched Internet Treasure Trove and started selling the good products I found after weeks of searching. I had positive feedback from customers who were able to find the perfect gift quickly and didn't have to go through the frustration I once did.

My mission is to keep searching the internet for more good products and get them for sale on Internet Treasure Trove and to keep helping people find the perfect gift for any occasion.

- Iain, New South Wales, Australia